Vinny Aulak


Hello everyone, it’s me Vinny! I was born in Leamington Spa and have lived here ever since, 18 years to be precise! Therefore, I know first-hand how fabulous everyone is and I am so happy that we now have a local radio station for my home town. I feel very privileged to be a part of such an amazing team at Fresh.

I have always been that person who is the first one on the dance floor from an early age and that’s because I absolutely love music and when I hear that beat, something takes over me. So watch out, you may be wondering who is that girl going for it on the dance floor? You never know, it may well be me! I am also well known for being a chatterbox and personally I believe that is the perfect combination for a radio

What can you expect from me? Well of course the freshest hits as well as some classic throwbacks, alongside plenty of funny stories which I’m sure will entertain you all. I would therefore highly recommend that you tune in on Wednesday from 3-5pm if you want to listen to great music which I guarantee will give you that perfect Friday feeling ready for the weekend.

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